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What Kind of Coaching Does Heart & Soul Solutions Offer?


I partner with innovative leaders
and creative professionals who are
committed to making a difference
by inspiring and building an
extraordinary future. Coaching
programs are co-designed to
cultivate professional excellence
and leadership effectiveness, team
collaboration, realignment of values,
and the successful achievement of
defined goals. Areas of focus often

  • Assuring successful product
    launches or marketing campaigns
  • Developing professional skills
    for leaders and new managers
  • Improving communication
    strategies for leaders and teams

I help creative individuals to
find and live your heart’s desires.
This personalized process takes
place in 30 - 60 minute sessions
by phone or in-person. In a series
of on-going sessions, you make
consistent inward and outward
progress for transformational
changes leading to a deep love
for who you are and what you do.
Common areas of focus are:

  • Career changes; resume and interview preparation; organizational skills
  • Work-life balance; wellness; peace of mind; fulfillment
  • Support for creative success and helping to manifest new dreams.

What are the First 4 Steps for Your Transformation?

1) Request a complimentary copy of the “Heart & Soul Mini-Guide to Inner Peace” and connect to a growing community of people who are transforming from the inside out in order to experience success with less stress, worry and struggle.

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2) After receiving your “Mini-Guide to Inner Peace”, I will follow-up with you via email to find out if
anything related to your life or business is improving.

3) Explore what coaching is and why it can help, click on COACHING.

4) I invite you to CONTACT ME via email or give me a call at 360-828-8893 to explore how our
partnership will help make a difference in your life or organization.

Heart & Soul Solutions, LLC

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