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What can I expect to experience when being coached?
The coaching experience usually brings forth unexpected feelings of exhilaration and joy as you bring more attention to what matters most in your life and business. The process may feel risky at first because it takes courage and self-honesty to grow and change for the better.

Professional coaches are trained to be confidential and non-judgmental so this helps to create an open and safe zone for self-discovery, exploration, and personal and professional development. As the client, the focus is always on your agenda and what you want to develop and explore on either a personal or professional basis.

Metaphorically, the coaching process might feel a bit like cleaning out a closet or room by sorting through what is currently treasured and useful and intentionally getting rid of what no longer serves you. This process creates a powerful opening for new opportunities and choices. Or if you are in a major transition, then coaching might feel like having extra muscle and new navigation skills for moving forward with more ease, extra support and orderly structure. Coaching can help to lighten your load if it feels heavy, minimize chaos, and add fun during changes that aren’t always easy to make.

How much time do I need to devote to the coaching process?
I offer a choice of 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute sessions for individual personal and professional coaching. Appointments are generally made for a series of 2, 3, or 4 sessions/month for a minimum of 3 – 6 months. By dedicating yourself to a rhythm of on-going sessions, you are able to make deep and powerful sustainable changes. Single coaching sessions are also available. I ask for some simple written communication via email before and after each session which can take anywhere from approximately 10 - 60 minutes/session and this helps to bring focus to your agenda for the session, track your progress, and integrate your learning. You may choose to devote additional time for written or visual self-discovery projects that I can recommend for your personal growth and inspiration process.

What are some situations when coaching helps within a business or organization?
I especially enjoy coaching new managers or business owners during their first 6 – 12 months in a new situation. I help those who have either just been promoted from a technical, project, or design focus and are faced with the transition into a people focus, or those who are in a new industry, department or company where they need to adapt to a new culture.

Coaching can benefit managers or leaders who are envisioning changes, taking on a major new project, or are ready to make a bigger difference through their contributions. By utilizing a coach as a neutral sounding board, they are able to more easily clarify their ideas and choose what’s most important to them and their team, department, or organization. Coaching provides an opportunity to briefly step out of the routine and pace of the regular work environment to reflect on priorities and helps to create increased efficiency and effectiveness with decision-making and planning.

I love helping to discover individual strengths and utilize the Appreciative Inquiry approach to help bring this awareness out in people so that they can apply their natural talents to teamwork and creative projects. It’s possible that through this process, a discovery happens that a person is not in a role that they are best suited for. The focus on appreciation helps to establish and expand employee engagement and helps with talent retention, as well as increased job performance and innovation.

Through coaching, I can help in understanding what’s needed for optimal team communication by providing “shadow coaching” in which I quietly observe and listen during meetings and teamwork, and then provide recommendations and coaching later, on either an individual or team basis.

If there is restructuring going on, coaching can help in aligning values and help with communication strategies during the changes.

Coaching is not recommended as a remedial or disciplinary action, and is most beneficial for top talent and high performers who are dedicated to making a difference in your organization.

How is coaching different from consulting, mentoring, or therapy?
Coaching focuses on the client’s growth and forward movement in the present and future, and therapy’s initial focus is often on underlying issues from the past and looks for the root cause of behavior (e.g. family of origin history). Coaching helps people achieve personal and professional goals while therapy helps people understand their behavior and diagnoses symptoms, illness, and disease. With coaching, the client is held as the expert and is responsible for his/her own learning and results. A consultant is held as the expert and provides answers and conclusions, and is often perceived as responsible for results. A mentor is often viewed as an expert providing wisdom and guidance; mentoring may include a combination of advising, counseling, and coaching.

What is your coaching philosophy?
In these times of immense social, environmental, and cultural change most of us are yearning for more balance, freedom, enjoyment, happiness, and meaning in our daily lives and work. I have discovered coaching to provide a very powerful step-by-step journey for growth and learning, while allowing your self-discovery and self-actualization process to unfold in its own time and rhythm. My intention with coaching is to provide a bridge of support that helps you to find more inner fulfillment, make meaningful contributions, and inspire success that helps the world to be a better place. Success always comes with very individualized interpretations, and coaching can facilitate a deeply personal and authentic approach to success in both outward and inward directions. Within my coaching philosophy there is nothing within you that “needs fixing”; it is all about helping you listen to your heart, honor your innate originality and soul essence, and help to clear the way for you to shine more brightly through inspired choices, behaviors, thoughts, language, actions, and contributions.

Who are your ideal clients?
I welcome partnering with creative individuals, businesses, and people in organizations who are inherently optimistic, resilient, open-minded, collaborative, and care about making a difference. I enjoy working with people who have a willingness to face their concerns and challenges, and accept ownership for their own growth, awareness, and learning. I work best with people who are passionate about balance, creativity, abundance, and nature; and are committed to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment for work/career, relationships, recreation, and devotion.

How do we get started?
First we have a conversation to get to know each other and explore how coaching can help you, and get a feel for if we are a good fit for each other. We can then talk about how much time you want to devote to coaching depending on your situation and needs. I will then draft a professional written agreement and/or proposal of services for your review and input. After we co-create our coaching partnership, then I request that you complete a Client Inventory Questionnaire and we meet for an Initial Discovery Session to explore more deeply what’s most important for you to inspire, clarify, resolve, integrate, and evolve during your coaching session(s).

What do your clients have to say about the benefits of coaching?
“Coaching has offered me the time and space I have needed to concentrate on me. At first I was skeptical about coaching but desperate to make some changes. Robyn is insightful and intuitive, and is a gifted coach and ally. She has gently and consistently supported and enhanced my own self-discovery process. This is a journey that feels very safe and satisfying, and mostly very empowering. Although I am not a young person, I still have plenty of room to grow (don’t we all) and I decided I could use some help. Robyn has been wonderful to work with. She has acted as a clear mirror by which I have been able to get my challenges into perspective. She is a strong, gentle, and very insightful mining partner whose light is bright and whose pick ax is sharp. She is able to ask questions that tease out the longing and always allows ME to do the discovery. Her encouragement, intention, and good energy have provided real life solutions that work for me – because I discovered them.”
- Joyce Sloan, Mortgage Broker, Portland, OR

"Robyn’s work was like receiving a necessary amino acid:  it continues to affect me on subtle and not so subtle levels, triggering deeper and more vibrant creativity, clarity, and health.”   - Leslie Piper, LMT, Director/Producer for Circle Films, Portland, OR